Cab Air Suspension Upgrade

Superglide Cab Air Suspension

Our patented Superglide Cab Air Suspension is a retrofit kit for tractors fitted with pneumatic brakes. It is designed to upgrade the standard mechanical cab suspension to air suspension. The softer ride you gain from the natural frequencies of air suspension improves operator comfort. The dynamic nature of the air spring further improves the ride. The shape of the piston and the integrated bump stops dramatically slow the spring before the cab reaches its travel limits, therefore reducing the shock load to the cab when encountering larger bumps. A cabin levelling valve maintains comfort by keeping the springs at the correct ride height, regardless of load or weight transfer encountered by hills and slopes. Even the shape of the air spring piston plays its part in keeping side to side roll to a minimum. 

Our new Generation 2 Cab Air Suspension upgrade kit uses air springs and cabin dampers which have been manufactured to our own design. These bespoke springs are a direct replacement for the standard coil springs which work using the same parameters as the standard suspension but improve the ride and control of the cab. During the design, we focused a lot of effort on developing the damping rates of the shock absorbers which now feature digressive damping. This means if a large high-speed bump is encountered the shock absorption rate will be high. However, if the suspension is encountering smaller, low speed bumps the damping rate is considerably lower, allowing the air springs to float over the bumps. Although cab suspension naturally rolls in operation many operators notice a reduced rolling action from the air suspension.

The kit is a direct replacement for the standard coil springs. It comes with comprehensive fitting instructions and takes approximately 3 hours to fit. We have kits available for many CNH models including the Maxxum, T6000, T6, T7 and Puma Models.

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