Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fit the kits myself or do I need to get a mechanic to fit them?

Both the Superglide Cab Air Suspension kits and the Superglide Front Suspension kits come with full written instructions and a competent mechanic with jacks and wheel lifting equipment will be able to fit them. The Superglide Front Suspension kit requires a system recalibration through the service menu, using a specialist dealer’s tool, therefore we would recommend you use your authorised dealer to fit this kit.

The kits should take between 1 hour and 3 hours depending on the kit, model and fitter’s experience.

How much will the Superglide Kits improve the comfort of my tractor?

By the nature of a tractor’s design, together with the conditions of the terrain it has to cope with, a tractor cab will never be the smoothest of places for many jobs. Front and Cab suspension, together with air seats and modern tyres, have improved tractor comfort no end. Here at Superglide, we have spent over 12 months testing, developing and optimising the CNH suspension to get the most comfort possible from it.

Superglide Front Suspension will make the suspension softer, with more travel, enabling the axle to float independently of the chassis, absorbing many more bumps and keeping the chassis more stable.

The standard coil-sprung cab suspension has been set up to deliver a smooth ride for fieldwork applications, and when in good condition works very well at this level. Superglide Cab Suspension will maintain a smooth and soft ride for smaller bumps. As soon as a larger bump is encountered, the springs become much more progressive, reducing the shock load on the tractors rubber bump stops, softening the overall ride. The other advantage is the levelling valve. This holds the cab at the perfect ride height, regardless of load or weight transfer when travelling up and down hills, when the standard coil springs can become overloaded.

Naturally, everyone will have differing expectations. What we set out to achieve was to bring the ageing suspension designs to a level where it was comparable to the modern competition.

Which kit is best for my tractor?

As a general rule, Superglide Front Suspension improves transport work and Superglide Cab Air Suspension improves fieldwork. However, a combination of the two leads to the ultimate comfort. If either your original front accumulator or shock absorbers are worn, you will get the biggest improvement by upgrading these components first.

My tractor doesn’t have suspension, can I still fit a Superglide Front Suspension kit?

Unfortunately not. The kits are designed to upgrade the factory fitted suspension systems.

My tractor doesn’t have air brakes, can I still fit a Superglide Cab Suspension Kit?

Unfortunately not. You will need onboard compressed air to run the system.

If it makes as much difference to the comfort as is claimed, why don’t they factory fit it?

Manufacturers have to build their systems between a compromise of cost, reliability and comfort. Extra pipes, accumulators and airbags could be classed as extra maintenance, but if you look after your Superglide kit, your kit will definitely look after you!

Are the suspension kits adjustable?

The damping on the Superglide Front Suspension kit has been optimised to help the axle float whilst maintaining control. It is possible to move the valve within the manifold for harder and softer settings. However, we recommend using our settings. The Superglide Cab Suspension kit has a sliding plate to adjust the ride height to the operator’s personal preference.

Why is air suspension better than coil spring suspension?

The natural frequency of air suspension has long been proven to provide a more comfortable ride for vehicles. With the use of a levelling valve, the ride height is kept at the optimum level, regardless of load, wear and weight transfer on hills and slopes, maintaining the optimum levels of comfort at all times. 

Where can I buy your kits from?

The kits can be purchased directly from Superglide or through CNH authorised dealers.

What happens if an air bag breaks?

In the unlikely event of an airbag breaking, a protection valve will maintain pressure to keep the air brakes working. The cab will lower onto the bump stops and the tractor can still be operated safely until the airbag is then replaced.