Front Suspension Upgrade

Superglide Front Suspension Upgrade

Superglide Front Suspension is a retrofit upgrade kit for tractors fitted with front suspension. The kit design improves operator comfort by using softer valving and increased axle travel. A hydraulic manifold houses the flow control valve and two dual pressure accumulators which are charged to optimised pressures for all axle loads. The valve is also mounted in a way that reduces flow restriction to the suspension ram, whilst maintaining control of the axle. Small bumps are absorbed with ease and larger bumps are controlled by the damping effect of the valve. Extra front weight is no longer needed to help the suspension work.

The improvement is noticeable at all speeds with high speed field and transport work benefitting the most from the improved stability. The kit comprises the highest quality components designed to work and last in a tough environment. It is the result of extensive research and development, including hundreds of hours of rigorous testing.

We have kits available for many tier 4a and previous models including the Maxxum, T6000, T6, T7 SWB and Puma Models. The larger Puma and T7 LWB models feature a semi-active system that works very well, providing the accumulator is charged to the correct pressure. If you feel yours is under performing, we can advise on accumulator pressures as well as supply pre-charged replacement accumulators.

Front air suspension
Front air suspension kit