I’m not usually one for getting carried away by initial impressions, I like to live with something for while to make my decision about it.

However the Cab Air Suspension is night and day difference and having had it on a short while now, definitely worth it!  I’m sure someone said to me if suspension is working right you’ll forget its there, and that’s the thing I don’t even think about it now!

Fitting it couldn’t be any easier, its just a bolt off-bolt on job”

S Crozier, Cumbria

“The cab suspension air suspension kit and front suspension accumulator supplied by Jamie has transformed my tractor (2009 Case Puma 165cvx). It is now on par with a more modern tractor and makes both field and road work a pleasure on the back. The kit came with very comprehensive instructions and only took 4 or so hours to fit with basic tools. Although Jamie advises to remove the rear wheels to ease fitment I found it was possible (although a squeeze!) to fit the airbags without having to remove them.  Overall I’m very impressed with the quality of the kit, the improved ride quality it provides, and the excellent service and support from Jamie and Hannah at superglide”

MS Agri, Suffolk

“Got the kit fitted tonight and all went well. Not done much with the tractor but the drive over to the other farm was completely different.  Dad came on a run to the other farm, its only 1.5Km away and he was asking if you did a kit for the Puma – that says a lot! Admittedly my original shocks were due being changed, but that’s the other thing to consider, if going through all the hassle of changing shocks, you may as well upgrade for the cost difference”

R Wallace, Ayrshire 

With Superglide Suspension you’re in the best hands for a smoother ride…

We offer the best services in our field

We never settle for second best and always have your satisfaction as our top priority

It’s who we are and we’re proud of it.

“The Kit is a great job, much more comfortable… the dog is happy not to be bouncing all over the place too!”

M Stuttard, Suffolk

“My son has been driving the Tractor and says the kit has made a massive difference to Cab Comfort, hardly feel any bumps in the field.

I am looking forward to being allowed to drive it when he goes off to University!”

R Nicholson, Pembroke

“Quality of the kit was excellent as expected and comfort is far better.

My fitter wants to show some of his customers who have shown an interest for their tractors!”

P Lockyer, Devon